The Anatomy Accreditation Package

Here at the International Beauty Association; we understand the importance of creating Accreditation Packages that suit your business and it's growth. We also understand the importance of checking pre requisites before learners can move on to Advanced Courses.


But what do you do if they don't have the qualification they need to move forward? You offer it to them!!!


With this brand new package you can offer the Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Course and be Fully Accredited with IBA and Fully Insured with our Insurance Partners!


Not only does this set your learners up with the knowledge they need to advance forward but it also boosts your businesses income by being able to offer the course and add it in as an extra IBA Diploma.


To learn more about what is in the Manual; please click the link below:


Level 3 Anatomy Manual


What else is great is that once all your paper work has been submitted and you receive your Certificate; you will be accredited and ready to teach straight away!!!


Let's get you started with our new Anatomy Package to teach your Advanced Courses!

The Anatomy Accreditation Package

£300.00 Regular Price
£250.00Sale Price
  • This package covers you for:

    One Year Accreditation which needs to be renewed.

    1 x Accreditation

    1 x Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Manual

    Accreditation packages are a Yearly Fee and therefore once the year has finished you will need to renew with one of our Yearly Accreditation packages that you can find on the Accreditation Page - "In House".

    You will have the choice to either provide us with your own Training Manuals or you as a Member of IBA you can purchase ours for your use.

    IBA is strict on checking timings on courses before you can teach them after being qualified as this shows that you are competent to teach the course and sets yours and our standards high.  Please ensure that you check the timings.  For Example, before you teach Microblading, you will need to have been qualified for one year and show us your work.


    IBA is exempt from all liability

    If you do not have any of the above, we can provide the Level 3 Educators Award, Accreditation and Insurance with our Insurance Partners.

    It is vital that you understand that you and your Training Acadamy is liable for anything associated with your students and your establishment.

    IBA is not liable for you and your establishment.