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Saline Removal Course

This Fully Accredited Masterclass has been designed for PMU artists who are having to correct work on a daily basis and for those who want to train in LiFT Saline Removal.


The course includes:


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Accreditation & Insurance
  • What is Ink Removal?
  • What is Saline Tattoo Removal
  • What can be removed with Saline?
  • Risks
  • How many sessions are needed?
  • Product Li-FtTools
  • Health & Safety
  • Managing Complications
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Contra Indications
  • Preparation
  • Consultation
  • Aftercare & Healing Process
  • Procedure


Also Includes:


  • Beauty Business Mindset E Book
  • Brow Mapping Manual
  • Saline Removal Technique Video
  • Extra Videos


Accreditation: ibaaccreditation.com


IBA CPD Points: 6




1. Once you have paid for your course you will receive a Flyer in an email.

2. Click the link on the Flyer and this will take you to the course.

3. Sign Up to the Course with your own unique email and password

4. Complete your course

5. Don't forget to tag us on social media with your look

6. Once you have finished your course you will be able to access your Fully Accredited Certificate of Completion

Saline Removal Course

  • Once purchased our Courses are non-refundable.

    This is a one time fee and accreditation and membership must be purchased seperately and before the purchase of this course.

    Once this course is purchased, IBA is exempt from any liability in relation to your clients and school.  Everyone is taught differently and one technique may work for one client but then not on another.

    Please note that a FULL CONSULTATION must be carried out by a Trained Professional when carrying out any PMU treatment and all products must be purchased from a reputable supplier.

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