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The Physiology of Ageing E Book & Course

Here at IBA we believe that you should be a master of your trade!


Do you work in Aesthetics, PMU, Skincare, Facials, Beauty, Nails or Hair?


Do you want to offer advice to your clients that is bespoke to them in relation to ageing skin, hair, nails or the body?


I always say to be a MASTER of your Trade - if I asked someone I was paying a treatment for a question and they didn’t know the answer, it would absolutely put me off having that treatment with them. Would you?


This e book and online course is also accredited and earns you six IBA continuous professional development points.


The great thing with our e books at IBA is that they are yours to keep forever and a great sales point with your learners. Offer your accredited course as well as a FREE e book in the Physiology of Ageing to boost your course bookings!



Fully Accredited with @ibaaccreditation


RRP £47

LAUNCH PRICE: £27 for the first seven days ONLY!


Page 3 - 5: The Characteristics of Ageing

Page 6-7: Intrinsic & Extrinsic Ageing

Page 8: Comparing different methods of ageing

Page 9: The Ageing Process in Cells and Tissues

Page 10: Changes which occur to the repair mechanisms of the skin with ageing

Page 11: How ageing causes to the structure of the skin

Page 12: Pathological conditions of the skin which may occur as a result of ageing

Page 13-14: Effect of UV on the Skin

Page 15-16: Ageing of the Skeletal and Muscular System

Page 17: Ageing of the Nervous System

Page 18: Ageing of the Cardiovascular System

Page 19: Ageing of the Immune System

Page 20: Ageing of the Respiratory System

Page 21: Ageing of the Digestive System

Page 22-23: Ageing of the Nails

Page 24: Ageing of the Hair

Page 25: Overall

Page 26-27: About IBA & Certification

The Physiology of Ageing E Book & Course

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£27.00Sale Price
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