Are you ready to teach ONLINE?  Our ONLINE Accreditation Package allows you to teach up to ten courses per year ONLINE.


This Accreditation applies to both Beauty, Coaching and Teaching the Educators Award.


Terms & Conditions:


  • You must fill in the Application Form and return it back to info@ibaaccrediation.com along with your ID once you have purchased this Accreditation Package; and also provide us with the Certificate of the Courses you want to offer, your Level 3 Educators Award, your Insurance details with Online Courses as part of the Insurance Policy; if this is not available with your insurer; you can purchase this through our Insurance Partners.
  • It is a requirement that you send in which teaching platform you will be using to provide your online courses as well all written material and video material that you will be being used in the online course material.
  • You must have a minimum of 18 months experience in teaching and writing manuals  as well as the course you want to teach before you can teach online.
  • Only Basic Beauty Courses can be taught online
  • Advanced Courses such as Aesthetics or PMU courses are MASTERCLASSES ONLY - they must be based on Skill Building and pre requisites must be checked to see if the learner is already qualified in the field before allowing them to take your Masterclass.
  • All Coaching Course Material will need to be submitted.
  • You can purchase and use IBA's Manuals to help you with your Online Training - these are not editable.
  • You also have the option to purchase more ONLINE Accreditation at an extra cost of £85 per year if you want to add on more courses.  Please contact us via email to do this.


NB. If a course has the layout where the Theory is online and then there is a Practical Assessment in house then this is classed as a Practical Accreditation and theory is classed as Pre Study.


Once all the criteria is met, you will be sent your Online Accreditation IBA Certificate via Email.




  • Upon purchasing this course you will be sent an email with an application form to complete and you will need to provide us with various evidence of the courses that you want to teach including Certificates, Proof of Insurance, Proof of pictures of your Training Facilities, Proof of Written Manuals and Videos you will be using for course material.  Your contract needs to be sent back to us as soon as possible.

    You will have the choice to either provide us with your own Training Manuals or you as a Member of IBA you can purchase ours for your use.

    You must have a Level 3 Award in Teaching and if not, you must complete our Level 3 Educators Award before you will be able to teach any of your courses.

    IBA is strict on checking timings on courses before you can teach them after being qualified as this shows that you are competent to teach the course and sets yours and our standards high.  Please ensure that you check the timings.  For Example, before you teach Online Courses, you will need to have been qualified for 18 months before teaching online and showing us proof of your work.