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Digital E Book Accreditation

Writing E Books for your courses are a great selling point for your Businesses.  You can advertise a large course and when marketing; add on FREE E Book on whatever subject it is.


To write your E Book; you need to have at least six months experience in the field.  It can be about anything your qualified in such as Skin Products; Eyelash Extension Techniques; Colour Theory for PMU; Nail Art Technique; How to set up an Aesthetics Business; Business and Marketing Advice.  You choose...the E world is your Oyster!


Once you have purchases the E Book Accreditation; please then submit your Manual to info@ibaaccreditation.com with your Teaching Certificate; Proof of Insurance including your Summary Policy and Certificate of the Course the E Book is related to and we will review it; add your IBA CPD points and issue your Certificate.


Please note that this fee is a Yearly Fee.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


The IBA Team 

Digital E Book Accreditation

  • Upon purchasing this Accreditation; you will be sent an email with an application form to complete and you will need to provide us with various evidence of the courses that you want to teach including Certificates, Proof of Insurance, Proof of pictures of your Training Facilities and much more.  Your contract needs to be sent back to us as soon as possible.

    You will have the choice to either provide us with your own Training Manuals or you as a Member of IBA you can purchase ours for your use.

    You must have a Level 3 Award in Teaching and if not, you must complete our Level 3 Educators Award before you will be able to teach any of your courses.

    IBA is strict on checking timings on courses before you can teach them after being qualified as this shows that you are competent to teach the course and sets yours and our standards high.  Please ensure that you check the timings.  For Example, before you teach Microblading, you will need to have been qualified for one year and show us your work.

    This is a YEARLY fee and accreditation MUST be renewed once a year.

    You must have at least 6 months experience before you can teach your Beauty courses; other courses may require further experience and therefore you will be asked to provide proof of all your Beauty Qualification Certificates, Proof of Teaching Certificate as well as; Proof of Insurance and Pictures of your place of work which must be in accordance with Health & Safety standards.

    IBA is exempt from all liability

    If you do not have any of the above, we can provide the Level 3 Beauty Educators Award, Accreditation and Insurance with our Insurance Partners.

    It is vital that you understand that you and your Training Acadamy is liable for anything associated with your students and your establishment.

    IBA is not liable for you and your establishment.

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