BB Glow Course Manual

Rather than write your own courses, here at IBA we have made everything easier for you and prepared your lessons.


By buying this manual, you will be purchasing...


  •  Students Course Manual
  •  Power Point for you to use during your lesson
  •  Consultation Sheet for Clients & Models
  •  Lesson Plan
  •  Schedule of Work


As this course is an add on to Microneedling; this manual is shorter as all Health & Safety, Client Care, Anatomy, etc are all in the Microneedling Manual so please ensure you have purchased the Microneedling Manual before BB Glow.

These documents will include...

  • What is BB Glow
  • The Benefits of BB Glow
  • BB Glow Coverings
  • Microneedling Placement over the face
  • Treatment
  • How long does it last?
  • Aftercare
  • Next Steps - Insurance 


Once you have purchased this manual, you will then be sent the Student Course Manual directly and then the remainder of the documents will be sent by email so please ensure you add your email address.


Pre-Requisites: Your learners must have a Level 2 Anatomy & Physiology, Health & Safety, Basic Facial Course OR Level 2 Beauty, Level 3 Beauty and Microneedling Qualification (you can sell Microneedling and BB Glow together as a Combined Course but teach Microneedling first).


This is a one time fee and accreditation and membership must be purchased seperately and before the purchase of this manual.


You must have at least 12 months experience before you can teach this course and you will be asked to provide proof of Accredited Level 2 Beauty/ Level 2 Facial Course or Level 2 Anatomy & Physiology Certificate as well as Basic Spa Facial Course plus Proof of Microneedling Certificate, Proof of BB Glow Certificate, Proof of Teaching Certificate as well as Proof of Accreditation Certificate; Proof of Insurance and Pictures of your place of work which