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What do we mean when referring to accreditation?


The action or process of officially recognizing someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity. So, in the case of a beauty school it would be: official certification that a school or course has met standards set by external regulators.

We at IBA are those who examine your school and evaluate if your courses are appropriate to teach to your target audience and if your school is an appropriate environment to teach in so that your clients and you get the most out of your service.

Benefits and why you should accredit your beauty school today:


Accreditation in general is a great way to scale your beauty business and start earning more in the beauty industry. Accredited beauty schools are more attractive to the average potential client looking to complete a beauty course with you, as it is widely understood the often offer a standardised curriculum, enjoy industry recognition, and often provide career support services.

Anyone serious about starting a career in cosmetology is more likely to attend an accredited school. That’s because these schools provide students with a high-quality and consistent education that will take them much further as they advance in their careers compared to learning with another method.

When beauty school students earn a respectable degree from an accredited school, they have all the tools, tips and tricks needed to earn respect from their clients and fellow beauticians in the industry as they have learnt from experienced individuals why have the physical backing of an accreditation meaning more people are likely to want to learn with your school as their career in the beauty industry is more likely to be one that is of a lucrative nature.


So Why Choose IBA?


IBA offers a range of accreditation services offering both in house and online services, so we are accessible world-wide (excluding America and Canada). The International Beauty Association is a Continuous Professional Development Accreditation Company created for Professionals within Beauty Industry.

Our Founders have been in the industry for a substantial amount of time and are passionate about raising the bar for our trainers and their learners. We are an International Accreditation Company accrediting Beauty Educators throughout the world (apart from the USA and Canada - we can accredit Coaching Courses in these countries - just not Beauty); we not only provide you with the Level 3 Beauty/Coaching Educator Award IBA Diploma and Accredit your courses; we also offer lifetime support and teaching advice throughout your career.

Our goal is to offer Legitimate Accreditation Packages as well as Insurance referrals so that you are safe in the knowledge that you are protected, as well as your learners and clients.

Having the International Beauty Association as your Accreditation proves that you are a Master of your Trade and up to date with new trends and modern stances on treatments and training as YOU are approved by our team of leading Beauty Experts.

Our membership will provide teaching advice, beauty advice as well as the option to purchase our course manuals and materials, as we want you to progress to your full potential.

We are the first of our kind to be partnered with BGI(UK), Insync and Westminster Insurance, Policy Bee and Tower Gate; we are excited to be partnered with other Beauty Regulators in the future. We are an approved and regulated Accreditation partnered with the world’s leading Insurance companies who are FCA Regulated.

What Does Being Accredited with IBA mean for you as a school?


Showing that you have IBA Accreditation on your courses shows that you are professional and that you are providing further training to your learners as we have our own Continuous Professional Development Points System for learners to add to their career portfolios alongside being recognized and approved.


Now the benefits of accreditation are laid out in front of you and specifically those of choosing IBA specifically, what are you waiting for? Scale your beauty business with IBA today and see the benefits in front of you take your business to a new level.

Visit the link below to find out more about us and our courses:

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