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The Steps to Successfully Starting Your Beauty Training School…


When considering becoming a teacher, obtaining the right teaching qualifications for you does not only provide a badge of reliability within the industry, but it also opens a lot of doors for you and development within your career. Depending on your end goal, you must comprehend the value these qualifications hold for you. In this step by step easy read, we will dive into the ins and outs of why and any queries you may have when it comes to teaching qualifications, specifically within the beauty industry, exploring the effects on both yourself as the potential teacher as well as your students.


So first, why do Teaching Qualifications Matter?

Teaching qualifications are the first stepping stone to levelling up firstly your experience, income and then career. Let us read below just why they matter:

-          They develop you’re your skills when it comes to pedagogy, especially with such a theoretical course list that exists within the beauty industry. It aids in giving you effective ways to engage our students, including lesson planning and providing an inclusive, safe and comfortable learning environment.

-          To ensure you meet legal regulatory requirements, that ensure you have an environment that provides both a consistent learning experience and one of quality. It is essential that educators comply with industry regulations and provide quality leaning to their students while meeting or bypassing the guidelines set.

-          It is a stepping stone to building credibility and trust within the industry. Possessing the ability to teach doesn’t only validate an educator’s knowledge but also instils confidence in potential clients, students and even parents as well as your colleagues within the industry.


The Benefits of Possessing a Teaching Qualification in the Beauty Industry.

-          Teaching Qualifications within the beauty industry can aid when it comes to developing your career in the industry. You are better equipped to pursue a career path in your future having a teaching qualification under your belt especially if you end up wanting to specialise in a certain area of education within the beauty community.

-          Teaching Qualifications also give the educators more confidence to craft an effective and consistent learning environment for students. From the use of different techniques, a qualified educator will find themselves better equipped to engage their students and encourage a positive educational experience.

-          It can also, as someone with an educator’s qualification set you apart from the competition, it is a sign of professionalism and commitment to your career and verifies your skills.


So where can I Obtain my Teaching Qualification?

At the International Beauty Association, we offer a Level 3 Beauty Educators Award Diploma. Our IBA Level 3 Educators Award Diploma is specifically designed for the Beauty Industry. This qualification is perfect for those who deliver training in the Salon or wishes to teach further Education and Skills in the Beauty Sector. The Level 3 Beauty Educators Award forms a foundation for those with little or no previous experience of teaching and training.

What you will learn...


Unit 1: Understanding your roles and responsibilities in Training and Education

Unit 2: Understanding inclusive Learning and Teaching approaches

Unit 3: Understanding the principles and requirements of assessment

Microteach Planning & Preparing


Common Misconceptions when it comes to teaching qualifications:


-          ‘Teaching qualifications are one size fits all and rigid, they can only be applied to certain careers.’  Teaching qualifications can be used for a range of careers and cater to a wide variety of people and their specific situations. They are a dynamic qualification to have under your belt especially as a beauty business owner. They are flexible and open multiple pathways to you as an educator to level up your business and your income.

-          ‘Teaching qualifications are specifically for aspiring teachers and no one else.’ Teaching qualifications are not exclusive to those who aspire for traditional teaching roles. They can develop skills for educators across a various spread of pathways. They are transferable skills that can be used in various situations in life as well as applicable in numerous educational settings.

-          ‘Experience is more valuable than qualifications when it comes to teaching.’ Although experience can be considered important when it comes to teaching, a teaching qualification can aid and help to develop practical skills and knowledge that are already present. A combination of both experience and a teaching qualification creates a varied and effective teacher.


So, To Summarise…


Teaching qualifications are the first stepping stone to developing your skills as a credible and consistent educator. They the basis on which effective teachers are born and can build engaging and effective learning environment that remain inclusive.

The path to acquiring a teaching qualification is a varied one with multiple paths to accommodate the individual and unique goals of all the different types of educators, especially when referring to those in the beauty industry which is what us here at IBA specialise in.

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