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New Year New Goals!

You've set those Goals for the New Year but What Next?

The New Year is often ushered in with high hopes and expectations, but somewhere down the line, energy levels lessen and you eventually end the year with uncompleted goals. Here are five tips to make sure you crush all your new year goals and never lose that drive.

  1. Write them down - nothing makes things appear more real than when they're written down. Be sure to write out all your goals as this will make it easier to break them into actionable steps.

To help set your goals for 2022 - revisit your goals from 2021 and celebrate how far you have come; then set realistic milestones.

It's important that you set investment goals and gentle goals to create a balance to your year.

Investment Goals could be:

  • Invest in Making Memories

  • Invest in New Skills and Knowledge

  • Invest in Precious Relationships

  • Invest in Appreciating Assets

  • Invest in Your Well Being

  • Invest in Your Dreams

  • Invest in Innovation & Growth

  • Invest in Yourself

Gentle Goals could be:

  • Tell people you love them

  • Set Health Boundaries

  • Get outside when you can

  • Be truthful

  • Read one book per month

  • Sing in the Shower

  • Allow your feelings to breath

  • Practise seeing goodness

  • Speak Kindly to yourself

  • Spend some time off Social Media & Relaxing

  • Remember your Dreams

  • Stay Compassionate & Hopeful

2. Break your Goals down - Breaking your goals down into smaller, actionable steps makes them easier to accomplish and less of a burden. For instance, if you want to start a Beauty School, you don't have to wait to purchase everything all at once. These can be done in stages. The smaller the goal, the easier it is to accomplish.

3. Apply the "SMART" Acronym - This means that whatever you desire should be SPECIFIC enough to understand, MEASURABLE enough to know when you've attained it; ATTAINABLE because castles cannot be built on air, REALISTIC/RELEVANT and TIMEBOUND because without a deadline, you're bound to procrastinate.

4. Have a strong WHY - The best possible way to gain reason or motivation to do something is by asking yourself why you want to do it in the first place.

Are you getting something out of it? Is it useful in someway towards your life at the moment or maybe the nearest future?

Ask yourself why you want to achieve that goal in the first place.

5. Celebrate Your Small Wins - Learn to celebrate those really small accomplishments. Don't wait for other people to celebrate you. Develop a heart of gratitude and be grateful for the small steps and achievements you make along the way.

Remember that having gratitude brings you more abundance!

Lastly, Goal lists can be big and as long as you achieve most of the Goals on the list; don't worry if you didn't achieve every single one as (a) one of your Goals may throw you onto a new goal and (b) even if you don't accomplish every single goal, you are still a lot further from when you first started and that's what matters!!!

Here at IBA we are wishing you nothing but Love, Peace and Success for you all in 2022!!!

Love Holly & The IBA Team

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