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Instagram BIO Top Tips from IBA

Here at IBA our aim is to help people achieve better results with their lives and businesses, whilst having fun in the process. IBA is an accreditation company but we are also so much more. We offer Business Coaching & Social Media Management Packages to help elevate your Beauty Business and School.

Today we are offering you some great tips on your Instagram BIO to help not only attract more followers but most importantly more clients and learners to buy from your business.

  1. When potential followers first view your Instagram the first three rows of your BIO will be the first thing that they see; even before the grid so this needs to be full of your services that you provide but catchy. See it as your shop window! Ensure all your Unique Selling Points are in there.

  2. You need to think about who your ideal client is - really write a detailed list as though you are manifesting the client to your business.

  3. Be inviting and friendly by adding some prompts such as "Watch our Stories" or "DM for more information".

  4. Ensure that you have switched your account from 'Personal' to 'Business' and in the settings to 'Entrepreneur' - this allows you to use Music on your Reels and Videos.

  5. You 100% need a website or landing page; and you need to add the link in the bio - you can also use LINKTREE to make it easier for your followers to go to direct links on your website.

  6. Having a website helps massively for increasing traffic to your website; collecting an emailing list and utilising this list to sell your products and services.

  7. There are different Action Buttons on Instagram - we would suggest the one for your Booking System and integrating your widget and also utilise the Contact Button with your email address.

  8. This is important - ADD YOUR LOCATION - how will anyone know where you are based?

  9. Ensure you have a theme running on the grid which matches the Highlights and add your stories to it.

  10. Make sure you are monitoring your Insights - this will tell you what is working on your Instagram and what isn't. A separate blog is coming on this.

I really hope this has helped you and watch out for more tips and tricks coming from IBA as well as our IBA Social Management Service.

If you have any questions or feedback on this blog; please comment below...

Holly & the IBA Team

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