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IBA Top Five Tips for Teaching Adult Learners

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

If you have undertaken our Level 3 Beauty Educators Award and started your own Training School with us at IBA then you will have also realised that teaching adults is very different from teaching children and that there are different challenges that can arise.

When I started IBA I really wanted to ensure I was supporting our Schools, not just with amazing affordable Accreditation Packages but also tips and advice that will help your School flourish.

I'm going to kick it off with this little blog throwing some tips your way of how to get the best out of your adult learners so enjoy and if you have any to add; please put them in the comments below...

  1. Firstly; and most importantly is to teach adults with respect. I always remember when I was first starting out and I was 31 years old attending a Facial Course; to be told I couldn't go to the toilet till lunch time or I couldn't check my telephone or get a drink of water throughout the learning time; personally I felt this was really silly for adult learners; especially Mothers with children. Instead of giving harsh instructions which will lose your respect as a Teacher; build rapport with your learners and get to know them and create some classroom etiquette instead.

  2. Adult Learners benefit from examples of how to utilise the skills they are learning with you in real life. By explaining costings and profits; how to grow on social media; how to treat clients so that they come back and more importantly, refer others to them; use examples of how the treatment they are learning can benefit them; let them be models for one another so they can see how the treatment feels. I always advise my learners to become a master of their trade so that they are ready for any questions from clients that can be fired their way. This way you are preparing them for dealing with real life clients and the obstructions that can arise.

  3. Move Fast and Don't Waste Time - Adult Learners have busy lives and could be starting their new ventures round their current job or their children so ensure you pack your classes with useful tips and activities that they can understand and go away with the knowledge they need to practise and build their confidence. Also; ensure that you are flexible to them and be diligent yet understanding of their busy lives.

  4. Creative Teaching - this is one of the most important tools in Adult Learners. This means that you will need to encourage learners to be open minded about what they are learning; and to encourage constructive inquisitiveness as well as harnessing their imaginations so they are able to identify and solve problems. You can develop this by transforming your learners ideas, imaginations and dreams into reality. When encouraging creative learning, they will be able to see the hidden patterns and make connections between things that aren't usually related and therefore, come up with new ideas. Adapt your learning to your students personalities and remember your VAK theory from your Level 3 Educators Award.

  5. Encourage Personal Growth - Getting adults to challenge themselves in personal growth and skills will help them push their businesses to new heights. Point out the positives in what they are doing.

You'll be surprised to learn that a lot of adults have a fixed mindset e.g. "I'm too old" or "I'm not very confident"; our job as Adult Teachers is to switch their mindset from "Fixed" to a "Growth" mindset. This mindset knows the brain changes and grows when we use it. Our intelligence and talents can be developed and improved all the time.

A growth mindset understands that if something doesn't work out, it is not a failure but an opportunity to learn, adapt and grow from it.

If you are thinking of completing the Level 3 Educators Award with us then please click the link below:

IBA is here to support our Training Schools for Life and we are proud of all our Schools and their achievements.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks.


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