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How to Attract New Clients & Learners...and Most Importantly...Keep Them!!!

Do you ever wonder why others are so busy and you're quiet? Or why you had a client, did a great job and then they just didn't return? Well let me help you with my marketing and business strategy advice that can help you go from the odd client's here and there...to FULLY BOOKED!

  1. Get some Clarity on how you want to run your business and what you want to specialise in? Some Beauticians like to focus on Spa like treatments and some like to focus on Clinical Advanced Skin Treatments; you could be a Nail Bar but don't try and do it all as you will confuse your clients.

  2. Recognise who your ideal client is! Although, in an ideal world you would want to cater to everyone, you can't. You really need to have a think about who is your ideal client, what is their age, for example; then market your services to them.

  3. Social Media - it's an amazing free advertising tool but don't treat it as such; people go on Social Media to be social, they like to nosey at what you're doing; your goal is to attract your ideal clients by having things in common and offering a treatment or training that can help them. Your goal is to get their email address and once you have that; that is when you can advertise direct to them in their inbox.

  4. Upsell - You're an Eyelash Technician and you've just trained in Brows, every single client that walks through the door should be offered a Brow Treatment while they're in your chair. How to do this in relation to courses, they've just completed their Brow Courses with you; you casually drop in that Lash and Brow Treatments go hand in hand; its well worth adding them on so it's more convenient for their clients to have both treatments done with your learner at the same time. You can even add this upsell to your Manuals!!!

  5. Packages - Don't call them offers - Yak! you're not cheap - Put Course Bundles together or Treatment Packages together and knock a small amount off. Also, remember that not everyone wants a discount, some people want a really good quality treatment.

  6. Give your Package a Theme - if you just throw random packages out, people may suspect that you're not busy.

  7. Get feedback from your clients - do some market research! You may be thinking of doing a new course or introducing a new course to your learners, email them a little survey and see what they're interested in learning or whether they are interested in having the new treatment.

  8. Involve Your Clients& Learners - They like to feel involved and it's like you have created this gang of women who all come to you so involve them.

  9. Keep in Touch with your Clients & Learners- Especially after the Pandemic, you may have lost touch, drop them a little email or personal message asking how they are.

  10. Utilise Client's and Learners - remember word of mouth advertising is everything in this business, what can you treat them to for referrals?

  11. Keep you business Fresh and think outside the box!

  12. Work with other local businesses as well; offer them a discount code for them and their employees.

  13. Get involved with local Charity Events.

  14. Most importantly, BOOK THEM IN BEFORE THEY WALK OUT OF THE DOOR!!! Get those appointments booked in ready and say "I have got this date and this time", they will then presume the rest of the day is fully booked and book the appointment.

I really hope this has helped...I will be offering more information on this and adding in lots of Social Media Advice in the style of a Fully Accredited Course and E Book! Leave me some feedback below to let me know if this has helped you.

If you need help with your Business, I offer Coaching which can help you scale your business so hit the link below to see my Coaching Packages...



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