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How Rude! Let me Introduce Myself...

My first and most important job is being a Mother to my two sons, Bobby (9) & Charlie (6). For me; I just love how flexible this industry is; and I can teach other Mums how to work their businesses round their families and still take home a good income; My goal is to create amazing Beauticians and Trainers who are top of their game! I want to change your life like this industry changed mine!

I am the owner and principle of the Award Winning Holly Stott Beauty School in North Manchester; specialising in PMU, Aesthetics, Laser, Microblading, Eyelash Extensions (Third place for Expert Division Russian Volume at Pro Beauty North Championships), Brow Treatments, Make Up (I adore SFX), Nail Treatments and Extensions, Waxing; I am also qualified Facial Aesthetician and Holistic Therapist. I fell in love with Beauty about six years ago as I just adored how confident ladies felt when I would carry out a treatment on them.

I became a teacher in 2017 and an Assessor in 2019; I truly want to train ladies in a way that when they leave my establishment they are fully confident in starting their Beauty journey or adding to their portfolio. I honestly boast so much about my learners and I love to watch them flourish.

I recently came third place in the Russian Volume Expert Division at Pro Beauty North and won Beautician of the Year Manchester at the English Hair & Beauty Awards 2020.

I adore skin and; at Holly Stott Beauty, we are always evolving to bring new treatments, products and training for Skin to the school and have just successfully launched my first Skincare Products for home use that are natural and having amazing results. I am also a Pre-Medical Student aspiring to be a Dermatologist.

Although I have only been in the industry for six years, do not under estimate the knowledge and skills I have; I am constantly learning whether it is advancing in my Beauty/Medical Career, Coaching or for the Accreditation, Listening to Podcasts or Reading Personal/Business Development, I never stop. I always get asked "How do you do it all with two children?" I know where I want to be by the time I am 40 years old and I actually started off in a really difficult financial situation with two children; I had an 'enough is enough' moment and saw the potential of the Beauty Industry; I wanted a big slice of that pie. I truly believed in myself, I lost people I loved along the way, I worked myself to the bone; doing assignments until Daft O'Clock, I'm not saying this is the way to do it but I feel that when I was training; its all amazing learning the treatment side but I had to learn the business side myself to grow my School to over 100 learners and over 600 clients.

I feel that when I became a business owner, it scared me to death that all the responsibility was on me to make it work; and as a single mother, I had to make it work for my two boys. I wanted them to feel secure with me and give them an amazing life; and hopefully, one day, help them achieve their Business and Career dreams.

At the very end of 2019, I created the International Beauty Association which is an Accreditation Company which I felt I wanted to raise the standards in the Industry. I felt that there are so many Continuous Professional Development Accreditors out there that will accredit any training school without offering these schools good and sound Beauty Business Training School advice. For example, how many times have you met someone who has undertaken an advanced course without the pre requisite of a Level 3; or someone who has had zero experience in Beauty before becoming an Aesthetics Practitioner by undertaking a 'Fast Track' two day course. Think about it? Its not ethical and I feel it is ruining the industry. It's greed, there is more than enough money to go around in the world but your first goal should be to help people, once you achieve this goal then the money comes later. I wanted to create an Elite Accreditation, checking credentials thoroughly, checking the trainers work through images and their actual property to ensure they are working in accordance with Health & Safety Regulations; thoroughly verifying Manuals to ensure they are written in accordance with Occupational National Standards.

The International Beauty Association can accredit any Training School all over the world apart from the USA and Canada; but we want to Accredit only the best. IBA's goal is to ensure students are getting the best learning experience possible; this will set them up with a 'quality, positive and realistic' mindset which, in the long run, will set them up for success.

There are so many Beauticians that end their career in the first three years; this is because they have learnt the treatment but not the business and marketing side. Colleges touch on this area but most of the time it is out of date advice. I believe that simple, actionable and helpful tips are amazing but deeper, knowledgeable advice will help you and your learners deal with problems head on and more professionally, for every single situation that can occur.

At IBA, I offer:

  • Worldwide Accreditation

  • Insurance Referrals (IBA is backed by three large insurance companies with more being added all the time)

  • The knowledge that you are safe in the hands of an expert and that we are a UK Registered Learning Provider.

  • We currently offer Continuous Professional Development Course Accreditation but did you know that we are in the process of creating Ofqual Regulated Courses (this does take time but it is the end goal)

  • Life &Business Coaching with me, Holly

  • Manuals for you to Purchase so you can get your School up and running faster.

  • Online Learning with us including Gateway Courses such as the Level 3 IBA Beauty Educators Award and Level 2 & Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology.

  • Website & Graphic Development with our In House Web and Graphic Designer Stacy.

So what else is to come from IBA?

  • Social Media Management

  • The IBA Podcast including Special Guests and learning from our IBA Schools and how they became successful

  • Virtual Personal PA System

  • The IBA App - yes that's right - this will include your Booking System and much more all at your fingertips on your phone

  • IBA Stationary & Workwear (Scrubs & Beauty Aprons)

  • The IBA Awards

  • Plus Much More...

IBA was created for you to achieve your dreams in the Beauty and Aesthetics Training World. I want to help you with the daily struggles I hear again and again from Beauty Business based owners such as Pricing, Social Media Management and creating an Email list, How to get clients and learners and most importantly, how to keep them returning; how to manage your money and accounts and retail.

IBA was created for you and if you're interested in becoming a part of the elite or if you have any questions; drop it in the comments section below.

Anyway...That’s me, Holly

I can't wait to meet you (virtually) and work with you here at IBA.

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