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  • In order to be accredited with the International Beauty Association; you must abide by the following conditions:

  • Firstly, you will be sent an email with an application form and contract to complete, and you will need to provide us with various evidence of the courses that you want to teach.

  • This will include: 

  • Certificates including your Teaching Qualification and the Certificates for the Courses that you wish to teach (please ensure you have checked the length of time before you can teach the course – if you are unsure please contact us for further information).

  • Proof of Insurance including the Summary Policy and where Teaching has been added to the policy - if you do not have insurance, we are partnered with five worldwide Insurance Companies.  You need to make sure that you are referring all your learners to one of these insurance companies.

  • Proof of pictures of your Training Facilities so that we can see you are working in an environment that is in accordance with Health and Safety regulations.

  • We will need the handle for your Facebook Business Page so that we can check your reviews; and your Instagram to show your work.

  • You will have the choice to either provide us with your own Training Manuals and lesson plans to be verified; or you, as a Member of IBA can purchase ours for your use which have been written in accordance with occupational national standards.

  • We also offer a Bespoke Manual Service – please see the Manuals page for more information.

  • We require all your contact details for our directory including your ID, this can be a driving license or passport; business address and postcode, contact numbers as well as social media handles and a copy of your logo.

  • If you are requesting accreditation for advanced treatments such as Aesthetics, PMU or Skin and Laser Machines; we also require:

  • The name of the pharmacy you are registered with for any prescription medication as well as your prescribers’ details including full name and telephone number.

  • The name of the wholesalers you use for Dermal Fillers and other aesthetic products. 

  • PMU - we require the name of the pigments and machines you use as well as the wholesalers.

  • Skin and Laser Machines – we require the name of the manufacturer, the serial numbers for the machines as well as certification including the CE mark; and proof of registration with your local Trading Standards Office and UK Medi spa. It is your responsibility to research the legislation on the machines that you use. 

  • Here at IBA we do NOT accredit Fast Track Courses as we do not believe that all of the information can be taken in to the learners within a short space of time.  If we are made aware of fast-track courses being carried out by any of our schools then your accreditation will be void.

  • When offering courses to your learners or new learners – it is vital that you check prerequisites and have proof on file of the learners Certificates and if they cannot provide the proof of certificates for the courses they have already attended; then they cannot go on to do advanced courses.  Please email us for further advice and information regarding this if you are not sure and we can offer you any help you need.

  • Please note that it is your responsibility to check with your country or local council if they take IBA qualifications before you become accredited with us.  It may be that learners need Ofqual Regulated courses first before they can go on to do IBA continuous professional development courses.

  • Once we have received all the relevant information and checked the manuals and lesson plans; we may have to send the manuals back for amendments should they not meet our criteria – and any amendments made – we will then go ahead with issuing you a Certificate of Accreditation for one year only.

  • If we, at IBA are made aware of any wrongdoing or misuse of drugs and products; treatments and complaints not being dealt with appropriately.  We then have the right to cease and desist your accreditation.  No refunds will be given.  IBA was created to keep the standards high in the industry and that is what we will always aim to achieve with our continuous professional development accreditation.

  • It is paramount that you contact us before your Accreditation Renewal date in order to have your accreditation renewed as failure to do this will result in your accreditation and insurance being void.

  • At the moment, we are able to accredit aesthetic courses; however, once the new licensing comes into play we will need to evaluate how we will move forward.  This is your decision to take the accreditation and IBA are not liable for laws changing; therefore no refunds will be given back.

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