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  • Anyone applying for accreditation will have to have a Level 3 in Award in Education & Training.

  • If you do not currently have one, you will have to take our online course to complete it.

  • You will also need to be trained for a certain period of time before you can accredit a course with us as we believe experience is essential before passing on training. Some periods will be longer than others.

  • We have implemented our own Professional Points (PP) for professional development as this will encourage learners to do more courses, especially Lecturers and Nurses who want to move into Aesthetics.

  • Each course will have prerequisites apart from those that do not need any.

  • Lecturers will have to be insured through our insurance companies.

  • We will need to see pictures of where they are carrying out training as we feel this is essential and proof of licensing for SPMU, Microblading and Aesthetics.

  • We will have a membership fee where Lecturers and Learners can have access to learning materials and current regulations which will be mandatory with regular newsletters being sent out.

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