Level 2 Accreditation

"What you ask for you will receive!"


Further to lots of enquiries in relation to Level 2-5 Accreditation; we have finally launched our packages.  You will have the option to purchase our manuals from the Manual Page or you can write your own.


Once you have purchases your desired Accreditation for your Course; Please send the following to info@ibaaccreditation.com


  • Pictures of your Training Venue
  • Training Venue Policies & Procedures
  • Teaching Certificate
  • The Certificate of the Course you want to Teach and Level
  • Course Manual with Breakdown of the Course - please make sure it includes Health & Safety, Client Care & Consultation, Anatomy & Physiology, Contra Indications & Contra Actions, Preparation, Techniques, Aftercare
  • Assessment Manual including what Assessments will be carried out including Written Assignments, Practical Assessments, Case Studies, any Examinations, etc.
  • Any Handouts or Visuals you will be providing
  • Scheme of Work
  • Lesson Plans
  • Example of Certificate you will be using


These courses give you to the option to design your own Level 2-5 Courses with our guidelines and please note that they will be thoroughly checked by IBA to ensure you offer the highest standards to your learners.


Level 2 Course £200

Level 3 Course £300

Level 4 Course £400

Level 5 Course £500


This fee is a Yearly Fee Per Course for you to run in your Training Schools


Your Courses can be anything from Beauty, Nails, Facials, PMU, Holistic Therapy, Lashes, Brows, Make Up, Laser, Aesthetics and Teacher Training.


Once submitted and we feel that it is not the standard of the Level you wish; it will be allocated to the lower level and feedback given for you to change the course to raise the level of standard to the next level.


Once we are happy with your Course and you meet all the requirements; you will then be issued an Accreditation Certificate; a Letter stating the amount of IBA CPD Points your Course is worth and use of our logos on your Certificates as well as being added to our Directory for Learners to find you in your local area.


Please also note that if you are struggling with promoting your courses or getting to where you want your business to be; we offer a Business Coaching Service.

Level 2 Accreditation

  • This is a YEARLY NON REFUNDABLE fee and accreditation MUST be renewed once a year.

    You must have at least 18 MONTHS experience before you can teach your Beauty courses; other courses may require further experience and therefore you will be asked to provide proof of all your Beauty Qualification Certificates, Proof of Teaching Certificate as well as; Proof of Insurance and Pictures of your place of work which must be in accordance with Health & Safety standards.

    IBA is exempt from all liability

    If you do not have any of the above, we can provide the Level 3 Educators Award, Accreditation and Insurance with our Insurance Partners.

    It is vital that you understand that you and your Training Acadamy is liable for anything associated with your students and your establishment.

    IBA is not liable for you and your establishment.